Lie detection; Follow the philosophy of communication with 3Vs

Things in the community, society and the world are moving really fast that it has become difficult to judge the truth. Many times it becomes difficult to know how to know the accurate justice and delivery system. Thus, the key factor is to pay proper attention to things before deciding on anything and if you have doubts maintain a mental file on behaviors of people. The key is observation and there is no need to arrive at conclusions in just one observation. This is because many things are also based on a comment or gesture. In fact, people may say a lie just for one simple reason and you can go on accusing them of telling lies. There is a need to look for synchronicity and if there is something lacking.  Apart from this try to identify the communication style of a person normally and keep it as a baseline.

Following the philosophy of communications namely, vocal, verbal and visual are enough for lie detection.

Vocal signs:  On listening to a shaky or hesitating voice, it is a clue. An inconsistent sharp pitch arising due to excitement or there may be long pauses taken, yet listen to the speed. Paying attention is essential, based on the subject and words.

Verbal signs: Verbal cues are when a person starts stammering and has an illogical reasoning of a story, begins and stops with forgotten details. You must practice listening to many details to understand. Also keep a note of the details that are parted, though you did not ask for it and it is given to you voluntarily. Above all, listen to a story to understand if it is memorized and rehearsed.

Visual signs:  Visual signs such as flushing or blushing. Rubbing sides or touching nose. Hiding palms, hands palms closed or hands are in the pockets or under the table.  A direct eye contact is best and if it lacks there is a suspicious feeling was the belief, but now people try to make good eye contact and deceive.   They know that looking away results in creating wrong impression and so very smartly people keep eyes wide open. However, even then such darting glances may be looking front or back, right or left, as though they are making up for something.

New research tells the eyes relationship and the cognitive behavior cannot be predictable, so start with their mouth.  Flashing teeth and smiling is more genuine, but keeping lips closed and smiling is like a forced smile sign. In fact, covering or hiding the mouth presents a sign that a lie is being covered. Also, suddenly an awkward laugh represents deceit or nervousness, an embarrassment sign.

The plain lesson is to pay proper attention and observe each day. Try to identify synchronicity and you will know the truth. Remember, these are not some perfect guns, follow to fit your suitability. Above all, keep your cool even if you are wrong. Lie detection cannot always be done by observing their signals, so look for clusters of signals. For more details visit: